Redefining Privacy & Security

When shopping online, you unknowingly sacrifice your personal privacy and security, sharing up to 3,000 data points such as geo-location, browsing habits, search behaviors, purchase history and your personal identity. This data is many times sold to other companies or used to track future online movements with the intent to profit off this data.

At Secure, we are passionate about making it easy for people to take control of their privacy and security. We also help consumers save money on their purchases. We've helped over 100,000 consumers save over $10 million dollars by streamlining shopping experiences and protecting consumers from sharing their data. We not only provide a better shopping experience but we also protect you from malicious trackers that aim to extract your personal data. We're thrilled by how much money and time we've saved our users and are excited to continue on our mission to improve the privacy and security of millions of people that shop online.

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